Közös esettanulmány-képzés karunkon a McKinsey tanácsadó vállalat közreműködésével

Frissítve: 2022/11/10

In cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Babes-Bolyai University, McKinsey in Romania invites students to join the upcoming Crack the Case with McKinsey workshop, taking place on November 25, 10-13h, live at UBB, FSEGA, room 106.

You will have an opportunity to connect with consultants from the Bucharest office, discover McKinsey’s problem-solving approach to tackling complex business issues, and apply it during a simulation of a consulting project. You will work in teams to crack a business case under the guidance of McKinsey colleagues, deliver your recommendations, and learn first-hand!

Come and join us for this interactive workshop! Do not hesitate to submit your application by November 20.

See you soon!

Létrehozva: 2022/11/10